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A payment system for the common good

Common Good is a nonprofit organization that offers free tools and support for community-centered economic democracy, including a payment system, an offers & needs board, and fiscal sponsorship.

Like for-profit payment systems (PayPal, Venmo, banks, etc.), Common Good payments result in a large “float” – money that can be invested, producing a profit.

As a Common Good member you decide with other members in your community how to use those investments and profits for the common good of your community and beyond. Common Good pilot communities have funded renewable energy, small business, food systems, social justice, arts, and basic needs – all at no cost to the members – while saving local businesses $76,000 in credit card fees (to date).

To learn more, see our video below or read our “How It Works” page.

How It Works

Food Coop

Watch our video

In this short video, Common Good’s Founder, William Spademan explains how the Common Good payment system works and its potential impact in communities.

Have more questions? Want to know how to start Common Good in your community? Read our How It Works page or Contact Us.

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Impact and initiatives

  • Beginning in 2013, Common Good ran a successful pilot in Greenfield, MA and has since expanded to support fledgling communities in other parts of the US. Click here to read about projects and investments funded so far.
  • At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Common Good partnered with groups in Western MA to fund free community fridges and create a mutual aid network for food distribution.
  • Common Good offers fiscal sponsorship and partnership to mission-aligned groups. Learn more here.

CGPay® mobile app

Common Good developed the mobile app CGPay for person-to-person and vendor transactions.

CGPay makes using the Common Good system even easier:

  • Simple, no contact payment
  • No fees for individuals or businesses
  • Generate funds for your community every time you use it

Already a Common Good member? Get CGPay here.

Not a member yet? Sign Up or Contact Us with questions.

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