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"Community economic democracy is our best shot at ending poverty and climate change. Common Good gives us software and funding for that new economy, empowering people of all colors and circumstances to stand together and thrive."
— William Spademan (Founder, Common Good)
"Money shouldn't be solely in the hands of banks where only rich people profit. Instead I want my community to prosper and take care of each other. Power to the people!"
— Nina N. (Brattleboro, VT)
"If we were all part of Common Good, it would change the world. That's no exaggeration, it's simply true. I urge my neighbors to join today!"
— Susanne H. (Colrain, MA)
"I believe in this system As I re-create my small business, I want to invest in myself and in my community in a conscious and sustainable way that is good for all. I believe in the ability to take back control of our lives in a way that is legitimate, necessary and for the common good of all."
— Gwenevra Lodi Nabad (Owner/operator, Highest Good)
"Common Good is a way for us to build stronger, more resilient communities that ensure everyone has what they need. We need something like this in order to build community connections and collaborations that actually benefit the people in the places where we live. Common Good is real way to make meaningful change locally."
— Andrea C. (Ashfield, MA)
"local economies are part of the solution to climate change AND social isolation"
— Andrea C. (Greenfield, MA)
"For many years now, it has been clear that our economy needs to be smaller and more localized. And much more transparent. That's precisely what Common Good accomplishes. Years ago, Leopold Kohr stated, "When something is wrong, it means something is too big." His student E.F. schumacher put it even more succinctly: "Small is beautiful." Commond Good has the potential to right the wrong and make it beautiful. Wouldn't you like to be a part of this effort?"
— Aaron Falbel (Head of Adult Services, Sunderland (MA) Public Library)
"I highly recommend signing up for Common Good. It is rooted in building stronger, more resilient communities. It benefits local people, businesses and towns for the common good of the greater local community and economy."
— Cosmo L. (Savoy, MA)
"Let's all sign up for Common Good so that we can rebuild our community to be even better, through supporting local businesses and exciting projects in extremely tangible and meaningful ways!"
— Tona W. (Madison, WI)
"I was an early adopter of the Common Good system when it was born in Greenfield, Mass. It astounds me that I can be paid for my work in Common Good credits and then pay for goods and services from an array of local businesses such as my food co-op, my dentist, and my favorite farm stands and restaurants. The clincher for me is being able from our pooled resources to make grants to community projects like the Compost Co-op, a worker-owned cooperative that provides meaningful employment for people who are committed to racial justice and have experienced incarceration. If you are wondering if this is real, my answer is yes. I see it nearly every day in the faces of the people I know and the communities that I love. Delight is my main experience when I pull out my card and say, "I'm paying with Common Good.""
— Andrew Palmer Grant (Information Service Specialist, Sociocracy For All)
"Participating in the Common Good program has been financially beneficial to the Wendell Country Store. We save on card processing fees and it's good to know that we are helping the community at the same time. It is simple and very user friendly. I feel that it has brought the store more business as well. As a business owner, I highly recommend this program."
— Patti Scutari (Owner, The Wendell Country Store)
"We can create a community-based economy that supports US, benefits US, is rooted in our neighborhoods, small businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits. To do that, we need a critical mass of residents, businesses, enterprises to become members of Common Good. Interested? Sign up!"
— Judith Diamondstone (Community organizers, Renewable Energy Worcester)
"Common Good protects our local economy, brings it under community control and supports great initiatives and goals."
— Sam McClellan (Owner, Itabix Inc)
"This is a great system to collectively build a stronger community."
— Sara C. (Greenfield, MA)
"Common Good puts my money where my values are. If you want to live in a society where people, the environment, love, kindness, and community thrive--become a community builder with Common Good."
— Leslie F. (Colrain, MA)
"Common Good is so amazing. It is seamless and reliable. This system has the possibility of anchoring the local economy the way few other things could."
— Lynn Benander (Manager, Co-op Power)
"By joining Common Good, you have the opportunity to make every day choices to invest in building a solidarity economy. You get to support local businesses AND make decisions together about how we invest our collective wealth into improving our community."
— Julia Ho (Founder, Solidarity Economy St. Louis)
"Sign up! Common Good is easy to use, saves local businesses from credit card fees, benefits the community and members get to make grant decisions. I use my CG card often, especially during COVID it is easy to transfer funds or make a payment from the safety of home. Try it out. "
— Mary L. (Ashfield, MA)
"I don't understand why people aren't signing up in droves. It's easier than getting a credit card and costs nothing when you use it and it saves money for our local businesses AND it supports great projects in our community."
"Common Good is aligned with the mission of Kola Nut Collaborative of weaving together different forms of local social infrastructure in mutually supportive, reciprocal, and beneficial relationships. We think multiple forms of participatory local currency should be in circulation to build an economic democracy."
— Mike Strode (Founding Coordinator, The Kola Nut Collaborative)
"We need new economic systems that work for all people and provide freedom to pursue our true life purposes."
— Erika A. (Great Barrington, MA)
"For us to have a true democracy we need the people to have a say in where their money goes."
— Catherine C. (Madison, WI)
"Common Good is a beautiful way to keep your money local while also supporting the local economy and our community! Where Venmo, other money transferring softwares & even big banks have capitalist intentions at their core, Common Good comes in as an alternative way to share our collective resources with each other in positive ways 🙂 "
— Kyana F. (Greenfield, MA)
"Social Justice movements often say the opposition has the money but we have the people. But Common Good adds the people's money to the struggle. "
— Jon Weissman (former Coordinator, Western Mass. Jobs with Justice)
"Be a part! Sign-up and show support for your local farms, businesses, and community organizations."
— Deborah Ann Stratton (Owner, Wool-ology, local fiber shop and makerspace.)
"We live in a special place. There is great effort to 'buy local' and support our local economy. How special it is to have a local payment system that saves all businesses from bank fees and at the same time is able to provide financial support towards community projects and helping others. I really don't understand why all businesses are not participating. This service is 100% fluid and convertible to cash at any time. It's a no brainer people!"
— Mark A Wisniewski (Biologic Dentist, New England Dental Wellness)
"By signing up for Common Good, you're helping your community work for each other rather than for someone else. Right now, the value created by members of your community is mostly sent outside of your community, whether it be to big businesses or to large governmental institutions. Common Good wants to keep your community's money inside your community. By signing up for a Common Good account, people in your city will be one step closer to working for each other rather than working for people and institutions you don't even know."
— Raziq Z. (Frisco, TX)
"Instead of credit card fees going to banks, I’d rather have as much money stay in local communities as possible. Common Good helps make that happen."
— Marc K. (Springfield, MA)
"Signing up and using your Common Good Card helps our local economy in so many ways. "
— Laurie DiDonato (Wendell Energy Committee)
"Keeping money circulating in a local community is important, and the power of a collective can be far reaching. Financial institutions have been using models like this to benefit those at the top for a long time; lets use it to benefit all of us."
— Dylan O. (Florence, MA)
"Who controls our money? If we want to create change we have to start here. Join Common Good and come use your card at the new Upinngil Farm Bakery!"
— Sorrel Hatch (Farm Manager, Upinngil)
"Such a good way to support local businesses as they rebound from Covid closings."
— Maureen F. (Northampton, MA)
"True democracy depends upon reclaiming our economy!"
— John P. (Madison, WI)
"I believe in localization and reclaiming the community from global institutions."
— Hannah Brookman (President, Looky Here)
"Sign up to strengthen our local economy."
— Keith Z. (Ashfield, MA)
"Let's keep money circulating in our community instead of contributing to the profits of the big banks and the companies that take resources out of our community. And then let's take the resources we generate and collectively make decisions to meet the needs of our community and promote greater equity for all. Sign up for Common Good!"
— Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (Co-Founder & Working Member, Sociocracy For All)
"To build local and regional strength and add cooperative values to cash."
— Jonathon R. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
"I'm very into this idea! This is the non-profit that is helping the free fridge project. "
— Anna Meyer (Hart Farm)
"Common Good has a lot of potential in our community. I really would like to help get the word out more. My business uses it and I would like to see many more businesses using it. "
— Ethan Vandermark (Owner, Nourish Wellness Cafe)
"Common Good is a great way to "invest" in our local economy and help the communities around us grow."
— Dawn D. (Conway, MA)
"i found Common Good when i was looking for a way to utilize solar power without a solar collector on my house! I'm glad i found Common Good."
— Susan T. (Sunderland, MA)
"With my Common Good card in hand, I feel that I am a full partner in this powerful community vision."
— Carol G. Letson (board member, Greening Greenfield)
"By accepting and using Common Good credit, we can free up funding for the common good of our community."
— John W Glick (Common Good Goshen)
"Keeping our money local is as important as keeping our business local! Using regular credit/debit cards sends 1-3% of our money to banks, when it should stay circulating in our community. Help your community, help your local stores, sign up for and use Common Good!"
— Rachael Katz (Owner, The Greenfield Gallery)
"Common Good offers individuals and communities the very real opportunity to wield economic and political power based on local needs and wisdom, undiluted by Big Government and Big Banking."
— Ivan Ussach (Operations Director, Common Good)
"We all know that our economy doesn't work well for many of us. By joining Lisa and me in participating in Common Good, you'll be part of creating a new economy that benefits all of us, one that brings power to the level of people rather than big banks and big business. We love using our Common Good cards at places like A2Z Science and Learning, Atkins Farm, and Barts Ice Cream because we know it helps those local businesses more than using our credit card does, AND it grows real funds that can be invested in the common good of our communities. Will you sign up? It will be worth the time."
— J R. (Easthampton, MA)
"This is a no brainer. Everyone should be doing this."
— Eugene L. (Greenfield, MA)
"Just as we try to buy local produce to support local growers, we can keep our money in our community by banking with Common Good. It's easy!"
— Mary K. (Colrain, MA)
"Community currency systems can and should be an important part of community engagement. As traditional "systems" break down around us it will become more and more important for people to come together in local communities to support each other and ourselves."
— Callan Loo (Founder and Executive Director, The Intentional Living Collective)
"Common Good benefits people and local economies instead of siphoning the benefits to Wall St bankers."
— Tonio E. (Middlesex, VT)
"While there may be advantages in alternative currencies for local economies, Common good has the potential to provide resources for direct social good."
— Gaia K. (Ann Arbor, MI)
"Commerce has taken over a big part of our lives, and that removes power from our community. If we are to strengthen our community, we need to redirect our transactions into organizations like Common Good. It is not just about local investments a bank would never do. It is about our connection to each other and our empowering ourselves. "
— Gabor L. (Amherst, MA)
"A simple shift to paying this way allows each of us to shift an entire dynamic - one that enables us to leverage our daily transactions toward benefits the entire community of life deserve."
— Timothy J. (Madison, WI)
"When you sign up for Common Good, you increase the resiliency of your community and ultimately yourself."
— Joshua C. (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI)
"I believe in the 'triumph of the commons' !"
— Frank W Maletz MD FACS (Founder / CEO, HEALTHspital Foundation CT)
"More than ever, Common Good can help participating businesses reduce their costs as they struggle to survive COVID-19."
— Katherine H. (Ann Arbor, MI)
"Please sign up. The more we buy from each other, the more services we provide to each other, the more benefit we will get for all of us. With each person joining, our circulation and our fund grows and we start to get additional benefits, such as financing some common projects. There are no fees and no risk."
— Victor G. (Oregon House, CA)
"The fact that the money goes to the community is aimed at helping people without charging interest. It just overall seems like a really excellent idea"
— Josh L. (Holyoke, MA)
"I think people should sign up so that people can have more control over their money within their community and have the opportunity to help their neighbors with financial needs more directly."
— Timothy T. (Worcester, MA)
"I really love every thing about the Common Good system, it is definitely a win-win for everyone in our community, especially if more people join!"
— Nancy M. (Wendell, MA)
"Common Good is easy to use, encourages me to spend dollars locally, and supports a vibrant local economy. I also like that it benefits the community through grants instead of having profit as its goal. I like to use my Common Good card to purchase local food, restaurants and cafes, and locally made beverages."
— Sarah B. (Greenfield, MA)
"Common Good exemplifies the concept of acting locally while thinking globally. As a member, I know the money I spend at member businesses is supporting an organization who believes in some of the same values as I do."
— Peg Hall (Treasurer, Greening Greenfield)
"To keep our money local and in our hands instead of banks who have investors to make happy, we have funds available to help our community out!"
— Andrew S. (Ann Arbor, MI)
"We love Common Good and using our card. It's an easy way to tangibly support an economy that works for the people."
— Lisa R. (Easthampton, MA)
"This could really help both the people of Brattleboro and the local economy."
— Rolf P. (Brattleboro, VT)
"This is a direct, efficient way to create a safety net for one another."
— Nancy R. (Madison, WI)
"I believe in a strong local economy which means keeping money circulating locally. I appreciate that Common Good achieves this in a way that backs local food access initiatives and other local businesses, non-profits, and community members. "
— Annie Levine (Co-Coordinator, Great Falls Apple Corps)
"I like the idea of local control of our money, so that we can spend it in useful ways."
— John Ridgway (Programmer, Common Good)
"I love the common good’s ability to empower communities to invest in themselves."
— Rachel H. (Amherst, MA)
"I want a healthy local economy, where I am spending money in like minded businesses concerned about economic and social justice for all."
— Julia Godfrey (Salmon Falls Land Association)
"Common Good is playing a vital role in the transformation from our current degenerative economy to a truly regenerative economy!"
— Bill Baue (Senior Director, r3.0)
"Instead of capital accumulating at the top to benefit a few individuals, Common Good invests back into the community, in whatever ways its members decide. Common Good creates a truly democratic economy by using liquid democracy, where everyone gets to participate in any decisions they want to, or be represented by people they trust when they don't. The more people join, the more we keep money flowing back into our community instead of into the pockets of the mega-wealthy!"
— Emma Daley (Founding member of New Culture Co-op, Founder/Educator at Consent Beyond Yes)
"Signing up for Common Good spreads healing and liberation in our community. Join us! "
— Danielle L. (Longmeadow, MA)
"With Common Good your money goes to work for your neighbors in your community. In your conventional bank account it benefits mostly...the bank."
— Nicholas V. (Leverett, MA)
"We can change our understanding of what is possible. We can take the power of our money into our own hands for the benefit of all."
— Lucia Colombaro (Community Support Manager, Kibilio Farm and Community)
"Using Common Good rather than a credit or debit card benefits our community rather than some huge, international bank."
— Mary T. (Wendell, MA)
"Common Good is a payment system that allows people to spend their money as usual while simultaneously investing in their community. By signing up and shopping with Common Good businesses, you become a part of something bigger. You can fund the change you want to see and help communities become more resilient. "
— Julia Clohisy (Student, UMass Amherst)
"Common Good is a wonderful way to invest in our region and community, and make real economic change. Go ahead and sign up!"
— Satya Johnson (Son, Employee, The Benson Place)
"This is basically a community-controlled Venmo - an easy-to-use alternative currency in which the pool of funds in the reserve are invested in community projects. This could be a critical tool for building out a Solidarity Economy! Join me by signing up and let's make it happen. "
— Martin Dagoberto Lydgate Driggs (Policy Director, NOFA/Mass)
"This makes sense for us all!"
— Judy S. (Greenfield, MA)
"Using and expanding Common Good is a way of making money work for us, not just for bankers. Give it a try- it doesn't have a cost, and lots of benefit."
— Janet C. (Ann Arbor, MI)
"Local friends, Let's increase the reach of this free, simple, well-tested funding system for the Amherst area community. Our neighbors are struggling needlessly, for instance with access to healthy food in COVID times. Please sign up today!"
— Madeleine Charney (member, Western Massachusetts Regenerative Food System)
"By participating in Common Good we are generating money to help our neighbors and creating financial protections for ourselves and our community businesses. We can save our local business thousands of dollars in credit card fees. Those savings stay in the community and allow those business to use that money for other community projects rather than going off to distant credit card companies. It's the same idea as "Buy Local Food" only it's "Use Local Money""
— Gary S. (Hatfield, MA)
"To benefit the local community by keeping our $ in the community and to benefit the planet. We have to re establish the commons."
— Binda C. (Northampton, MA)
"Sign up to participate in Common Good which helps your dollars to do more for the local economy."
— Eric B. (Barre, VT)
"Common Good’s grants and loans have helped small businesses and organizations grow. By using the Common Good card it makes my trip to the store meaningful. "
— Julie C. (S Deerfield, MA)
"We've had too many examples in the last few months of why our communities need to develop and grow locally-controlled funds. We need to develop self-sufficient economic networks, and sociocratically managed pools to offset community threats such as unemployment, COVID closures, flood closures, and riot closures. By participating in Common Good we are generating money to help our neighbors and creating financial protections for ourselves and our community businesses."
— Lisa Nunez (Founder/Proprietor, Atae Live Arts)
"Common Good seems too good to be true. It helps the community and doesn't cost me anything.."
— Alice S. (Amherst, MA)
"Help the community"
— Marcus A. (Clovis, CA)
"The existing banking system is riddled with exorbitant fees, racism, and leaves many people unbanked. Using Common Good is democratic and available to anyone who signs up."
— Darrell Duane (Executive Director, Crypto Universal Basic Income)
"You can be a part of the change you want to see in your community. This is an easy way to be part of that change for the better."
— Joseph M. (Madison, WI)
"keeps everyones money in contol of the community"
— Jeffrey Canter (owner, Artisan Beverage Cooperative)
"We need to shift the stability of the economy so that locally we are okay even if/when things go badly with larger systems"
— Stephanie J Kent (Head Wrangler, Learning Lab for Resiliency®)
"This video explains how the Common Good system works: Using this system keeps community wealth recirculating right here, with no detour through Wall Street. Circulate your resources among your neighbors, not with hedge funds and megabanks."
— John F. Spencer (Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Researcher., I work as a volunteer with Real Progressives.)
"This is local economic empowerment, by the people for the people. Local business development must be integral to community stability. By keeping money circulating in a community as long as possible, local businesses are bolstered, and local improvement projects become possible, improving quality of life in the community."
— Brian L. (Monroe Township, NJ)
"I am excited to work with my neighbors, local businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations to nurture a Common Good economic and political ecology that recognizes that we are all connected to one another, that our individual well-being is connected to the well being of the community. "
— Roy Karp (Owner, Rozzie Bound)
"Common good can allow us to choose the economy we want to live in. If you want your community to be strong, if you believe we can organize our economic lives around something greater than selfishness, then sign up!"
— Miles D. (Swarthmore, PA)
"I believe building a local, democratic economy is our best hope toward sustainable and resilient society that supports both community and individual self realization."
— Timothy H. (Amherst, MA)
"Triple postive...good for the community, good for the merchants, good for the members."
— Susan Worgaftik (Chair of Forum Committee, Greening Greenfield)
"I want you to sign up as practice, stepping toward community wide matters of common good"
— John Stoltzfus (sole practitioner, Touch Matters)
"There is so much potential to evolve our broken economic model and create a new system that is local and empowers the people who contribute. "
— Nathan Fournier (Owner, HomeHarvest™ Central MA)
"Join to rebuild our economy for good."
— Karen S. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
"I want to support local and small businesses and keep my community economy going strong."
— Irina W. (North Andover, MA)
"To create a more beautiful world we know is possible."
— Nicole Thurrell (Director, Institute for Wild Med)
"So that we can keep more of our money in our community and less in the pockets of large banks and credit card companies and to support local businesses."
— Elizabeth R. (Holyoke, MA)
"I think it is important to explore all forms of sharing the wealth, of grounding our banking in our communities. Common Good is creative and guided by prioritizing community."
— Jennifer L. (Florence, MA)
"Keeping money local benefits everyone in the community."
— Emily K. (Northfield, MA)
"Money stays in the community !"
— Ava F. (Amherst, MA)
"Do something for the common good of our community. "
— Alexander Lee (Board of directors secretary, Wayside Out-Reach Development Inc)
— Martha J. (Amherst, MA)
"local money helps local people and businesses"
— Joyce F. (Whately, MA)
"It can help transition to a stabler, more circular economy directly focused on the needs of people in the immediate community of the Common Good account holder."
— Brendan C. (Sacramento, CA)
"You can save money on your energy bills while helping to sustain the environment. "
— Carol T. (Longmeadow, MA)
"Sign up to keep money local and out of the pockets of big banks. "
— Sarah T. (Amherst, MA)
"I love the idea of keeping money in our community! I'm also using this to teach my child about financial responsibility."
— Johanna R. (Greenfield, MA)
"Decentralizing banking and creating a local monetary system gives communities the power to invest in their neighborhoods. Common Good has successfully demonstrated that it is possible to have a local currency that supports the local community, and it's thriving. The more people who participate, the quicker we can rebound, strengthen our local economy and help those who have been hardest hit by the economic hardship of 2020-2021. This is especially urgent as the global supply chains are broken and we must be able to provide food, housing, jobs and infrastructure at a local level to prepare for global food shortages projected for 2022. The team at Common Good has done the hard part, now all you have to do is sign up!"
— Janet S. (South Deerfield, MA)
"Keeping more of our spending dollars local adds more vibrancy and resiliency to our local communities."
— Michael A. (Anherst, MA)
"Common Good is a great idea and has money and credit recycling locally."
— James M. (Amherst, MA)
"Please sign up"
— Pat Spinelli (Waste management, Volunteer at Stone Soup Cafe in Greenfield)
"so that we all might join together to produce a better world for ourselves"
— Brad J. (Warrensburg, NY)
"More people, more pooled funds available for the Common Good."
— Susan S. (White Riv Jct, VT)
"save small businesses"
— Judy R. (Leverett, MA)
"Let's build economic democracy!"
— Rich J. (Seattle, WA)
"Let's keep our money in our community - so that we all benefit."
— Janet D. (Amherst, MA)
"We need new economic systems."
— Mattea K. (Amherst, MA)
"local control over the economy"
— Robert K. (Amherst, MA)
"Big finance doesn't care about us."
— Angelica E. (Madison, WI)
"Common Good lets me be a contributing member of the commons."
— David R. (Wendell, MA)
"The more people sign up, the more local businesses will sign on, and that will be good for us and for our community!"
— Barbara H Partee (Professor Emeritus, UMass Amherst)
"Let's keep money in our region instead it getting siphoned off to big companies!"
— Jacob B. (Leverett, MA)
"It is for the common good of our Western Mass community."
— Rosalie E. (Amherst, MA)
"We can strengthen local businesses! "
— Joya M. (Amherst, MA)
"Sign up and participate in a system that keeps money local and empowers us to redistribute wealth to our neighbors."
— Andrew R. (Greenfield, MA)
"I'm excited to take part in this initiative I think it has the power to make useful change."
— Ernest L. (Amherst, MA)
"This is a legitimate, progressive, inclusive way to support your community's economy and earth-friendly, sustainable ventures."
— Stephen B. (Amherst, MA)
"It's a great opportunity to keep funds in the community, and support actual local businesses."
— Casey H. (Madison, WI)
"Good for the vitality of our local region."
— Barbara G. (Hadley, MA)
"Participatory democracy such as Common Good offers as a financial alternative contributes to a strong solidarity economy and a good way to increase overall democracy."
— Ann F. (Leverett, MA)
"To help small businesses "
— Deborah T. (Wendell, MA)
"Benefiting small stakeholders is a good thing."
— Jay S. (South Deerfield, MA)
"To build community!"
— Bonnie Pearce (Initiating Committee, The Ann Arbor Commons)
"Sign up to have a say in what gets funded in your community. "
— John G Root Jr (President, Just Anundance Inc)
"for the common good of my family, neighbors, wider community, and planet."
— Jane J. (Amherst, MA)
"It is my understanding/opinion/immensity of feeling that the more we invest in eachother- our community- the happier we will all be. The more we empower ourselves to understand and envision solutions for our own problems, the more resilient we become. Systems like Common Good can help direct our money to the exact places and projects that supply the changes we want. The more we take direct action to resolve our communities problems- injustices, imbalances, inequities etc., the freer we all become to pursue our individual goals and realities because we are all mutually supported at the root. By using tools like Common Good we are empowering ourselves and eachother to reimagine and create alternative social and economic systems that serve all. "
— Brianna L. (Ashfield, MA)
"The money stays local and there's no bank fee"
— Philip C. (Brattleboro, VT)
"We need more local funding to support civic deficits. "
— Janet M. (Amherst, MA)
"Local is robust and humane where the larger dogs, players, politicians come and go with no reliable care for the little woman & man."
— Stefan Topolski (country doctor, Trailside Health)
"Supporting alternative local community based economy especially in more than usual uncertain times "
— Deliah Rosel (Owner/practitioner, Deliah Rosel - Healing Therapies)
"I want our society to work well, for and with, each other. This pandemic is taking its toll, though we are strong and resilient. Personally I need help to purchase a home and get my family into a place where we are emotionally, mentally and physically healthy."
— Dorena C. (Portland, OR)
"Finding community resources you didn’t think were available."
— Evan B. (Ashfield, MA)
"Common good keeps or money within our community and avoids sending a percentage away to the financial industry"
— Jeremy Barker Plotkin (Co-owner, Simple Gifts Farm)
"I'm glad to be supporting other businesses, organizations, and individuals in our community without spending $$$."
— Suzanne R. Carlson (board member; also trainer of curriculum "Walking in Balance with All My Relations"(VBCIC), Traprock Center for Peace & Justice; Visioning BEAR Circle Intertribal Coalition...)
"Having a community currency-mutual credit system like Common Good is vital to creating a more equitable, regenerative and resilient local community. "
"Let our money work for others in the community instead of corporations."
— Eric B. (Florence, MA)
"Common Good helps us all. Why wouldn’t we want to do that? "
— Emily M. (Montague, MA)
"To boost the local economy, keep the financial backing alive and support local businesses."
— Talya Soytas (Student, University of Michigan)
"To help people in the community help themselves, each other, and the community"
— John M. (St Louis, MO)
"Our money goes in the hands of our small, local businesses instead of big box stores on Route 9."
— Lissa B. (Amherst, MA)
"Alternative is exploitative paypal"
— Phillip G. (New York, NY)
"Keeping money in the community by eliminating credit card fees seems like a no brainer. "
— Richard W. (Amherst, MA)

Support Your Cause

The right technology — and funding in the right places — can make a big difference for everything you care about in the world. Including helping people who need help the most.

  • Support renewable energy, small business, food systems, social justice, arts, and basic needs every time you use your card – at no cost to you. See our video for details.
  • Save your local businesses thousands (or millions) in credit card fees.
  • You decide as a community what to invest in and what to fund.

"We joined to propel Common Good's mission."

Hannah McDonald
manager, Red Fire North (MA)

"I love the Common Good card. It saves me all the credit card fees."

Bill Baker
Baker Office Supply (MA)

"It works!"

Gary Schaefer
former owner, Snow's Ice Cream (MA)

"As an early adopter — We LOVE Common Good!"

Jason and Matthew Dean
Foster's Supermarket (MA)

"We're excited to be involved with Common Good because it benefits the community in such a concrete way. So many people are working to make our community a good place to live, and this is one more way to be a part of that."

Jesse Sensenig
Goshen Brewing Company (IN)

"As a growing local business, we feel it’s important to bring camaraderie back, working closely with our customers to create the perfect promotional concepts to represent your business."

Susan Brulotte
All About the Promo (MA)

"It’s beyond buying local. It is the goal of a community investment."

member Megan McDonough

"We feel grateful to be growing low-bush blueberries for our community and being part of Common Good is just an extension of the volition we have to contribute to our region's local economy."

Meredith Wecker
The Benson Place (MA)

"I absolutely love the concept."

member Kirk Westphal

"Common Good is so amazing. It is seamless and reliable. This system has the possibility of anchoring the local economy the way few other things could."

Lynn Benander
Co-op Power (MA)

"We believe in strong regional economies that benefit our local communities, co-operative ownership, and democratic decision-making."

Brendan Flannelly-King
Real Pickles (MA)

"I applaud the Common Good founders and staff for their dedication and hard work towards constant improvement and clarification of how and why this alternative system for local transactions makes sense here and most anywhere."

Alden Booth
The People's Pint (MA)

"We really like being tied in with the community. What makes us successful is Greenfield being what it is — a great mix of people in the community. Common Good supporting that is a hit with us."

Seth Lustig
manager, Greenfield Games (MA)

"It's faster than a chip card! And I feel good every time I use my Common Good card."

member David Nelson

"If every business in our region were to take the leap of faith and commit to staying local as much as possible, everyone would benefit. It's all about diversifying and resiliency. Invest in your neighbors!"

Mik Muller
Montague WebWorks (MA)

"Common Good has the potential to fundamentally change the roots of our local economy, building a new economic system, one where we control the money."

Sorrel Hatch
Upinngil Farm (MA)

"I am part of a community of like-minded people who share a common vision for strengthening and improving the quality of life at the community level."

member Ivan Usaach

"I’m ethically aligned with it and the power it has. What it stands for philosophically is a really good thing."

member Aric Savage

"Common Good is a great way to be part of the community and help—it’s for a good cause. You can’t go wrong!"

Sonny Magar
Namaste Restaurant (MA)

"Thinking about joining? I’d say get on the diving board and jump off."

Myron Bontrager
The Electric Brew (IN)
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