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COVID-19 Response

During this unprecedented time of concurrent health and economic crises, Common Good can help, by providing tools for us to help each other:

Help for individuals and families.

    • Credit Line. Common Good gives you an interest-free line of credit up to the amount of your average monthly Common Good payments or receipts. You can also request a larger credit line, if you need it.
    • Food Fund. A limited number of members who requested assistance continue to receive $30 a month from the Common Good Food Fund, toward groceries. To support the Food Fund, sign in and click “Step Up” on the Community menu.

Help for local businesses.

    • Buy Credit. Our local businesses need money now. Visit the businesses page for a list. Click “Buy Credit” to pay now for what you expect to want later.
    • Loans / Investments. We decide as a community how to use the Common Good Community Fund to support our local businesses with investments and low-interest loans.

Help for local nonprofits.

    • Donate. Also on the businesses page on our website, you can click a “Donate” button to support a local nonprofit.
    • Step Up. Support your local nonprofits with a small percentage of each Common Good purchase you make or with a weekly or monthly donation. Sign in (or sign up) and click “Step Up” on the Community page.

Help for neighbors.

    • Use the Offers & Needs Board to see what your neighbors need and have to offer. Even non-members can use this for sharing grocery runs, animal care, mask-making, etc.
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