Decision Principles

Each Common Good Community must decide for itself how to manage its decision making. Common Good has developed recommendations for best practices.

Communities are encouraged to begin with those recommendations, but feel free to develop your own decision systems. Be sure to consider these principles underlying the recommended system:

  1. In-person human contact can deepen trust, enhance creativity, and help build consensus.
  2. Everyone's voice should be represented equally, including children, mentally disabled, and others who cannot speak for themselves.
  3. Active participation by all members is valued and encouraged. Everyone has a piece of the truth.
  4. People should not have to participate if they don't want to.
  5. The decision process should not be easily derailed by any individual.
  6. The decision process should include reasons, timeframes, and methods of evaluation.
  7. The decision process should build consensus.
  8. Voting should be easy.
  9. Voting should yield the most satisfying result, without trampling minorities.