Common Good Companies in Washtenaw County, Michigan

Anyone can sign up for a Common Good account. But it helps if you invite them! Hand a Common Good promo card to the cashier at your favorite stores. Our list of participating businesses is growing all the time.

Here's who takes Common Good Credits as of yesterday:

Guided Nature therapy
Yoga. Dance. Sacred Embodiment.
healing foods
Bates Electric Inc.
electrical contracting
Therapeutic Bodywork/massage
Cobblestone Farm Market
Conscious Cafe
Creating a space for community
Indian, Vegetarian, vegan, gf
Web development
Photography Services
Wholistic Supplements
Personalized pediatric care
Sharing economy legal services
Solo and group movement classes
Salvadoran Tamales
Reiki Natural Healing
Whole Being Healing
Technology for social change
Shiatsu therapy
Traditional Italian Cuisine
Community housing co-op