Common Good Communities

The Common Good system is all about community-centered economic democracy. Here are the communities working toward that ideal, so far.

Greenfield, MA

The world's first Common Good transaction was made Thursday, May 30, 2013 at Green Fields Market by Common Good Founder, William Spademan, using his personal Common Good Card. He bought a case of organic root beer to celebrate.

Through six months of testing, with just three participating businesses and a dozen members, we identified some needed improvements — most importantly, a dedicated smartphone app. We shut the system down for a month, to write the app and make a few other adjustments.

The Common Good system was relaunched on December 15, 2013 and has operated continuously ever since. As of December, 2014, all important features are present and functioning well. A membership celebration was held in January 2015.

To date, the Greenfield Common Good system has handled well over $1,000,000 in transactions and completed its first round of grants and loans in February 2017.

Participating Businesses

Want to know more or help out with Common Good in Greenfield? Email Greenfield organizer Emily Crehan at GreenfieldMA@CommonGood.earth or call 413-628-1723.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Washtenaw County Common Good launched April 1, 2015, under the leadership of software engineer Adam Konner and electrician Jim Bates. The staff at the People's Food Co-op are very supportive and have played a key role in the community's success.

Participating Businesses

For more information, visit Common Good Washtenaw on FaceBook or email Adam at WashtenawMI@CommonGood.earth.

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Northampton, MA

In Northampton, Massachusetts, over 100 individual members and a handful of businesses are participating. Movement is afoot for this community to launch itself in coming months as it works to secure a major anchor business. For more information, contact Daniel Ritchie at dritchie@CommonGood.earth.

Participating Businesses

Goshen, IN

In Goshen, Indiana a dedicated group began a trial of the Common Good system mid-2016 and has recently begun to bring in more businesses and members. For more information, contact John Glick at GoshenIN@CommonGood.earth.

Participating Businesses

Organizers in several other communities around the United States are reaching out to local businesses and gathering a core group, to get Common Good going in their community.

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If you live far from any of these communities, no worries. As more communities experience the power and abundance of Common Good, their excitement might just be exponentially contagious. So Common Good may come to your neighborhood sooner than you think.

If you want to take a leading role in bringing Common Good to your home town, let's talk.

Regardless of where you live, sign up now to get in the loop.

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