Your Common Good Card - How It Works

Here's how it goes:

  1. Click "Sign up" to open a Common Good account.
  2. Answer some boring and intrusive questions for about 15 minutes (sorry — our federal regulators require us to collect the information). The really important step is signing the Common Good Agreement — the covenant we sign with each other that makes the Common Good system possible.
  3. Upload a photo for your Common Good Card and choose an annual donation amount (even 1¢ or zero).
  1. Pretty soon your account will be approved by a Common Good administrator and your Common Good Card arrives in the mail a couple days later, along with a Welcome Letter and some promotional cards for you to use to invite your friends, neighbors, and favorite businesses.
  2. So try it out! Go ahead and buy something! Carry your Common Good Card in your wallet and present it as payment at any participating business in any Common Good Community. Like a debit card, except the cashier scans your card with a smartphone and there are no fees for you or the business. You can also sign in to your Common Good Account to buy something online.
  3. To make more Common Good Card purchases, move funds to your Common Good Account from your bank account or trade cash for Common Good credit at a participating business. For convenience, you can set your account to refill automatically, so your Common Good Card works very much like a debit card for your bank account.
  4. Move Common Good Credit to your bank account, as needed.
  5. You may also decide, as a community, to issue a monthly "inflation adjustment" on your account balances, as a protection from inflation. As participation grows and as your Community Fund grows, you will find ways to make a better life for everyone in your community and beyond.
Getting started with Common Good is the hard part — though it takes only about half as long as opening a bank account. After that it's easy. Just carry your card with you and use it to pay for stuff.