Graceful Failure

Common Good has put great care into designing the Common Good system so that it will NOT fail. Paradoxically, one requirement for its success is a detailed plan for a graceful shutdown. In the unlikely event that the whole Common Good system proves unworkable, the Common Good Agreement gives us a way to end without leaving anyone "holding the bag".

As part of the Common Good Agreement, you promise to bring your balance up to zero or more, if it is negative. You can either

  • continue to accept Common Good Credits until you are square OR
  • trade US Dollars to another member in exchange for Common Good Credits OR
  • transfer US Dollars from your bank account.

Complementarily, if the system ends and you have a positive balance, you will be able to

  • continue to make purchases with them for a limited time OR
  • trade them to another member in exchange for US Dollars OR
  • transfer them to your bank account.

We ALL make this agreement so if the system fails, everyone is protected and no one is loses what they put in.

Once a Common Good Community has ongoing revenue to cover its expenses and any Incentive Rewards it issues, it is no longer in any danger of ending abruptly. The system has been running successfully for several years now, to everyone's increasing benefit. So the long-term success of our pioneering Common Good Economy is looking more and more certain.