Common Good Community

The purpose of the Common Good system is to create and fund community-centered participatory democracy. A community that has met the requirements* to become a sovereign Common Good Community may apply to Common Good for certification. This certification permits the community to issue Common Good Credits independently -- deciding for itself how many Common Good Credits to issue (within safe limits) and what to fund with them.

A Common Good Community is in "good standing" when it is issuing Common Good Credits responsibly, so they accurately represent the potential of its members to produce corresponding goods and services in the short term. A Common Good Community may lose its good standing if it runs a trade deficit with other Common Good Communities and fails to redeem it in a timely manner. Common Good and the Common Good Communities will provide ongoing feedback, to prevent this from happening accidentally.

* Requirements for certification as a Common Good Community are not yet finalized. They may include such things as qualified leadership, minimum size, experience using the Common Good system, diversity of participants, and successful completion of a training program.