Cash Flow Crunch

Once your geographic area becomes a Common Good Community, you can together decide to spend, grant, lend, and/or invest some of the US Dollars that members have put into their Common Good Accounts, that are sitting unused. Of course you want to be careful not to use ALL of the US Dollars. From time to time, members will want to exchange some of their Common Good Credits for US Dollars, to pay companies and individuals not yet participating in the Common Good system. There need to be enough US Dollars in reserve to cover the likely amount of those withdrawals.

If you and your community misjudge and use too much of your US Dollar reserve, you will have a cash flow crunch until more US Dollars come in. There are many ways to handle this situation. For example, you might ask members who can, to add funds to their Common Good Account. Or you might get a short-term loan from a traditional bank or credit union. It will be up to you and your community to choose what to do.